A parental guide to online safety


Parents and kids alike really need guidelines for online safety in this digital era.The Internet is a very wonderful, amazing and great place for kids to play, learn and connect to friends and families. The online world has transformed the way we live. We shop, pay bills, have meetings, make friends online etc. just with a click.  However, as simple as it seems it presents new dangers. Continue reading

How the mSpy WhatsApp monitoring works


Most parents think WhatsApp monitoring cannot be done because of its end to end encryption. But the mSpy parental control app gives you that privilege. WhatsApp is a cross – platform instant messaging app that relies on Internet connection for its operation. It is one of the leading messaging apps in the world with its current usage population of over 1.2 million users as at January 2017. Continue reading

Identify who may be grooming your child online



In the real world and over the past years grooming could take place in social clubs, sports clubs, schools, churches etc. With the emergence of the Internet taking control over lives in all aspects, grooming is now easily done online.

So what is online grooming? Online grooming occurs when mostly an adult befriends a kid online without revealing his age, to gain the trust and confidence of this kid with an intention of physically or sexually causing harm. Continue reading

The effects of adult content materials on your kid



adult content

Lucy a 15-year-old Australian who was part of 600 young Australian women and girls who took part in a survey commissioned by Plan Australia and Our Watch said in her interview, ‘I want better education regarding sex for boys and girls and information about adult content movies and the way it influences harmful sexual practices’.

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Stop sex trafficking with mSpy

sex trafficking






Sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery that exists worldwide. Sex traffickers use threats, deceit fraud, debt bondage, and other forms of coercion to persuade children and adults to engage in commercial sex acts against their will.
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Protect your kids from Online predators

online predators

Online predators basically adults online whose aim is to exploit kids who are vulnerable for abusive or sexual purposes.According to statistics, there are over 5,000,000 predators on the Internet, and these predators are always online, and mSpy parental control app is just the app to use in protecting your kids from online predators.

In 2002 Alicia Kozakiewicz was walking on the street when she heard her name and the next thing she remembered was being held tight and forced into a car. The person who held her captive was a boy who managed to gain her trust, confidence, and love online through chatting for eight months. That boy was Scoot Tyree, an online child predator, convicted felon and an accused sadist. Alicia was driven to a home where she was kept in a basement and repeatedly raped, tortured and beaten. She was later rescued by the FBI.

Another victim is Katy. She was 12 years old when she first met an online predator who ‘claimed’ he was 16. He capitalized on her vulnerability of needing someone to console her and talk to after the death of a family member. Soon a relationship developed. He sent her a camera to take pictures of herself and send them to him. Luckily, her mom found the pictures. Her mother, Shari confronted this predator and warned him not to contact her daughter again. A year and a half later, they learned that he was actually a middle-aged man who was a sexual predator and had been in contact with several children.

The above are just but 2 incidents out of many. These predators ‘feed’ on kids who are:

  • actively seeking attention or affection
  • isolated or lonely
  • rebellious
  • new to online activities
  • confused regarding sexual identity

Online predators slowly target their victims via attention and kindness. They spend a large amount of time listening to these kids, showing interest in hobbies and the kind of music they like. Online predators are very sly in their dealings and gradually start showing sexually explicit contents to them.

They thrive best in online chat rooms, forums, and instant messaging to locate and communicate with kids. Online predators are usually between the ages of 18-55 years and predominantly males.

How to prevent online predators from your kids

Parents and guardians should get involved in their kids’ online lives. They should talk to their kids about potential online dangers and online predators.

Parents must educate thier kids on chat rooms safety rules.They should never engage in private chats. Should always stay in the public chats rooms. This enables the moderators of these chat rooms to flag out any indecent advances. If the kids are not old enough, then the answer is no chat rooms for them.

The use of mSpy parental control app will be very beneficial. Once installed on your kid’s phone, you get to see all chats on social media messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Snapchat, LINE, Viber, WhatsApp and Tinder. Hence if any online predator is targeting your kid, you will know and stop it before it harms them.

You also get to see new contacts added to your kid’s phone book, call logs details – that is if they have started receiving calls from strange numbers. Because most of the times online predators do talk to their targets on phones too.

In addition, you get to view all websites your kid visits, get access to the browser history and even if they do browse in incognito, the keylogger feature the mSpy parental app provides captures all keystrokes typed on the keyboard.

The GPS location and Geofencing features alert you of unusual routes taken by your kid. You receive detailed reports on route history and you can set boundaries of where you kid should be and the prohibited ones.

All these features the mSpy parental control helps shield your kids from these heartless online predators.

mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.




Suicide groups on Social media


untitled-design-5Suicide has increased in recent years and has become one of the leading causes of death amongst kids. There was a story reported in the dailymail.co.uk and ibtimes.co.uk about the use of social media to maneuver kids into committing suicide through games.  This sinister social media craze sweeping through Eastern Europe has been accused of driving at least 130 normal young people to take their own lives in just six months. Continue reading

Be a cyber-parent with mSpy


Know, prevent and protect, is what the mSpy parental control app is all about. It’s aim is to help parents and caretakers know the online lifestyle of their kids. This enables them to make better decisions in preventing their kids from doing things that could be very disastrous to their lives. In addition, to assist parents to protect their kids from the online dangers the Internet comes with. With mSpy you become a cyber-parent. Continue reading

Parenting the Generation Z Kids

Generation z kids

Generation Z kids are kids born in the mid-90s to present. They were born into an era when the Internet is everything, smartphones are everywhere and lives are lived through apps. Some people refer to them as ‘The Silent Generation’, ‘The iGeneration’, ‘The Google Generation’ etc. Continue reading